“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”

-Judy Garland

Anne Attaway Spears
What a terrific quote by Judy Garland! As the years and experiences of my life have ticked on, I have tried to take this advice to heart and to instill it in my children.  It's always best to be YOU. 
I have always had a creative side to me, but I spent many years purposefully quieting that voice because I felt and heard from the universe that it is very "impractical" to be an artists as a mother of young children. 
After an incredibly difficult few years that included job loss, death, a life flight for my child, and a geriatric pregnancy, I decided that life is way too short to keep the creative voice quiet.
I am inspired by my children, our family experiences and travels, and God's natural world around us. I love working with clients to make their visions come to life and being a part of their special moments. Most of my works are in watercolor or gouache although I love textures too! I hope my works are timeless enough to be family heirlooms but are also fresh enough to be modern. 
I live in San Antonio, Texas with my husband and three busy children. Follow along on Instagram for a peek inside the studio and our wild home.