Licensing FAQ's

Art is considered the property of the artist. If you would like to use our artwork in products for sale, we are excited to offer super flexible options for purchasing licensing rights for use. Below are three standard licenses, but we are happy to customize a license to meet your needs! Please reach out to to begin our work together.

  • Exclusive License

    This license type is for exclusive use of a design/art for a period of time, typically 1-3 years, but is negotiable. We are happy to work with your team to accommodate your needs.

  • Non-Exclusive

    This license is the most cost effective license, but allows the artwork/design to be used by multiple purchasers at the same time.

  • Industry Exclusive

    This license allows for the purchaser of a design/artwork to be the sole user of the art in one (or more) industries (childrenswear only, housewares only, etc).